Shine​/​/​Vertigo Zoom

by Sleepwalk

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released June 6, 2017

Artwork by Mike Kennedy (

Recorded and mixed by Andy Nelson @ Bricktop Studios (

Mastered by Carl Saff (



all rights reserved


Sleepwalk Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Shine
Centuries beaming right above our heads
Traveling without end
Memories carried by the light they shine
Wonder if they carry mine?

Say no

Histories hidden deep beneath out feet
Buried there by time
If I dig deep enough into the dirt
Will I find us there?

One day we will all be there
(I'll be there)

Say no
Track Name: Vertigo Zoom
Isn't the day longer than this?
How much else have I missed?
Cuz you know we won't be here forever
So the story goes
Fragile beliefs are weakening
I know I can't know anything
About this place where all has been forever
Forget what I've been told

Mining for secrets
Running without legs
What if there's no use?
Beliefs oversure
Faking an answer
We are so obtuse

Isn't the night shorter than this?
Curtains close among silence
No spotlight; a show without a lead role
But you wish it was you

Craving an answer
Can't be too unsure
Figure it all out
If we built a bridge
We would destroy it
Search is all we've got